Who are we

André De Vleeschouwer received his masters degree on electrotechnics-electronics engineering from the University of Ghent in 1974. After serving in the Army Signals he was employed by GTE ATEA (later ATEA, Siemens Atea, Siemens), as a development engineer.

He became responsible successively for telephone sets, dataterminals and transmission. In 1980 he was chief developer of the GTE Microphone, the first credit card verification terminal worldwide (developed for VISA). In 1982 it was followed by the Teledatafoon of RTT, the first terminal ever with Electronic Fund Transfer.

Since 1985 he was heading the research activities of Siemens Atea in the area of broadband technology and ATM, amongst other the Belgian Broadband Project. As such he participated in the standardisation of ATM (ITU and ETSI), and is co-founder and member of the Board during many years of the Belgian Broadband Platform.

Since 1999 he was responsible for Quality Assurance and IT systems for Siemens Public Network Services in Belgium.

In 2004 he became Program Manager at IBBT (later iMinds, now IMEC), responsible for the application domains Mobility and Logistics, Media (Networks) and Enabling technologies, till end of 2009.

Early 2010 he was the founder and owner of AKMOS, offering services on "Advice, Quality Assurance, Management support, Organisation and Systems".  He actively participated in many conferences, he is the author and co-author of a number of publications and books, and holds 4 patents.

Apart from these, he has been active for many years in K VIV, Koninklijke Vlaamse Ingenieursvereniging, as president of the redaction council of Het Ingenieursblad, later as founding chairman of the TI chapter on Telecommunications.  In ie-net Ingenieursvereniging he is member of the Experts Council and of the Steering Committee Roadmap Vlaanderen - Scharnier voor verandering.  Recently he was the editor of the final report of the project “De wereld aan je voeten!”, in the framework of Vlaanderen in Actie (ViA) of the Flemish Government.

Furthermore André is active in the project “De Zorgcoach” of VCK, the Flemish Centre for Quality Assurance, a project of Vlaanderen in Actie (ViA) of the Flemish Government.

During his free time André is president and webmaster of the Heemkring Hoghescote in Kapellen, and Secretary-Board Member of EKBRA vzw, amongst many other activities.